Best Triple Monitor Stand 2022 Review & Guide

A triple monitor stand is a great solution for freeing up desk space. Triple monitor mounts will elevate your triple monitor setup away from your desk, making your work space look organized. It also does wonders for your sitting posture since it raises the monitors at a more comfortable eye level.

Check out the best triple monitor stands that you can get now to make hours of computer work a little better. We’ve also included a couple of buying guides to help you with your monitor mount shopping.

Buying guide: factors to consider when choosing a triple monitor stand

triple monitor stand


You should first consider the weight of your monitors. If your monitors are less than 32 inches in size, you won’t have a problem.


Aside from the weight, size matters too. The larger your monitor size, the more challenging it is for the monitor arms to extend.

Twenty-seven-inch monitors typically are more difficult to set up with triple monitor stands. That’s why you must check your triple monitor’s specs first to see if they can accommodate your monitor’s size. Our listed products can pretty much handle even 34-inch monitors.

Keep in mind that if you have an ultrawide monitor, the size limit of the monitor stand should be sufficient.

VESA Mounts Compliance

Standard VESA compatibility means that the drilled holes connected with the monitor’s metal frame are spaced apart following standard VESA measurements such as 100 mm x 100 mm or 75 x 75 mm.

VESA mounting plates will make it easier for you to fit some parts together.

Mounting Options

Two different kinds of triple monitor stands exist. Triple monitor arms can mount to the desk using a c-clamp or a grommet.

Freestanding triple monitor mounts, however, are fairly straightforward and don’t need to secure to the desk. These mounts can hold three monitors instead of just one.


If you want maximum adjustability when mounting the monitor, look for a triple monitor mount with an articulated mechanical arm.

Other than that, you can also achieve the layout that you want if you check the degrees of rotation of each component, including the side arms. That way, if you’re going to arrange your monitors in a straight line, or a curved, cockpit-style, or with the central monitor in portrait mode, you can do it.


Getting a solidly built, durable triple monitor stand is an important consideration since if it breaks, you’ll have nothing to support three monitors, and your setup will be a mess. Look for the weight limit in the product description of the triple monitor stand before making your purchase. Make sure that the weight of your monitors does not exceed that, especially if your monitors are more than 30 inches.

The durability of a triple monitor stand greatly relies on its construction. If it is metal, you know that it will last a while since it’s heavy-duty and generally stronger than plastic.

Stand Aesthetic

An aesthetically pleasing environment significantly impacts your mental health, so it might be okay to some extent to care about how your hardware looks.

Some might argue that the stand’s physical appearance is also an important thing to consider, but once you set up your three-monitor display, you won’t be focused on the triple monitor stand anymore. A simple-looking stand is enough to do all the work.

Top-rated Triple Monitor Mounts

These are our top recommendations for triple monitor stands review. Here, you’ll see a table containing some information about each product.

Product nameScreen size limitWeight limitWarranty
Ergotech Triple LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand with Telescopic Wings27 inches25 lbs. per pivot armLifetime
Mount-It! Triple Monitor Mount24-32 inches15.4 lbs. per arm5 years
TechOrbits Three Monitor Stand Mount13-30 inches15.4 lbs. per arm3 years
Stand Steady 3 Monitor Mount Desk Stand13-32 inches17.6 lbs. per arm1 year
EasyMountLCD EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand28 inches-30 days
AVLT Triple 13"-32" Monitor Arm Desk Mount13-32 inches15.4 lbs. per arm3 years
Ergotron Triple Display Stand21 inches48 lbs. in totalReturns not accepted
EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand - Free Standing with Grommet Mount Option28 inches-30 days
Monoprice Triple Monitor Gas Spring Mount for up to 32" Screens32 inches15.4 lbs.30 days
VIVO Black Triple Monitor Mount24 inches22 lbs.3 years

1. Ergotech Wings

Ergotech Triple Monitor Desk Mount Stand

Ergotech Triple LCD Monitor Stand with Telescopic Wings is a perfect choice if you want a flexible and expandable triple monitor desk mount. You have the option to expand your setup to 6 monitors.

Each pivot arm has a 5-inch extension on each side, called the three telescoping wings, can fit up to a 27″ monitor, and each can support up to 25 lbs. of weight. This monitor desk mount stand is fully adjustable – you can pivot 20 degrees down, 10 degrees up, and move your monitors 360 degrees. What’s more, is you can tilt up and down 25 degrees.

This Ergotech triple monitor desk mount stand is industrial-strength steel and aluminum constructed, making it lightweight yet sturdy.

As for the ergonomic solutions, the good news is that Ergotech has developed a height-adjustable system. These monitor mounts have height-adjustable pivots that let you perfectly tile monitors across and set your viewing angles.

The best thing about the Ergotech Wings is its lifetime warranty.

  • Well-built but low-profile
  • Very good at freeing up horizontal desk space
  • Easy to assemble
  • It’s easy to adjust the monitors once you set it up
  • Can support quite a heavyweight
  • Lifetime warranty backing
  • On the pricey side

Ergotech Wings is a no-fail triple monitor mount for when you want a very sturdy monitor companion. It will transform your triple-monitor workspace into something more space-efficient, ergonomic, and overall a nicer environment.

2. Mount-It! Triple Counter-balanced Adjustable Monitor Mount

Mount It! Triple Monitor Mount

Mount-It! is a universal triple monitor desk mount that fits three displays, each display 24-32 inches in size. Each of its three counter-balanced gas spring, height-adjustable arms has maximum support of 15.4 lbs.

Three monitors stand outer arms can lower and raise, tilt 90 degrees up and down, swivel 360 degrees left and right, and transform the landscape to portrait orientation independently.

The quick-to-detach VESA plates come off with a simple button push, and you can re-mount by sliding them back on and clicking into place.

Another convenient feature of this triple monitor mount is its built-in cable management: there are in-arm cable slots and a cable clip on the pole for an overall neater look.

Meanwhile, its base provides an audio and microphone port, and a USB 3.0 port, which are always nice to have in a workspace.

The Mount-It! Triple Monitor Mount comes with all the mounting hardware, tools, and instructions for easy assembly.

  • Made of all-metal and little to no plastic
  • Can hold a lot of weight
  • Aesthetically pleasing silver color
  • Built well
  • Good cable management
  • Five-year warranty
  • Additional USB 3.0 and AUX cables
  • The center monitor is not as easily adjustable as the left and right ones

With the Mount-It! Triple Monitor Mount, you can create a more efficient and comfortable workspace. The integrated cable management system and the built-in cable, USB, mic, and audio ports are a nice touch.

3. TechOrbits SmartSwivel

TechOrbits Three Monitor Stand Mount

Boasting of the Smart Swivel Engineering, TechOrbits Three Monitor Stand Mount will amaze you with its articulating gas spring arms that will fully support your monitors’ weight while rotating and tilting them up and down individually.

With the floating screen display of the TechOrbits SmartSwivel, you can easily attach your monitor, turn your monitors left, right, up, down, and tilt the screen to help reduce glare and increase visibility.

The TechOrbits premium monitor mount can hold monitors of all shapes and sizes from 13-30 inches, with each arm holding up to 15.4 lbs.

  • Great for interactive work environments
  • Premium quality and sharp-looking design
  • Durable and long-lasting despite being lightweight
  • Total flexibility, smoothness, and strength of the hinges
  • The arms have a slight difficulty with heavier monitors

This premium three-monitor stand by TechOrbits has its gas spring and heavy-duty aluminum construction giving you a heavy-duty and stylish desktop mount. It is perfect for collaborative work environments because of the way the arms are fully designed: you can position the three monitors however you want – you can even share your screen with lots of people.

4. Stand Steady Desk – 3 Monitor Desk Mount Stand

Stand Steady 3 Monitor Mount

The Stand Steady Desk can fit screens ranging from 13 to 32 inches, as long as they weigh 17.6 lbs. each. You can adjust the height to reach 35 inches.

There’s an incredibly durable metal base that secures your three monitors in place. The clamp for this Stand Steady Desk is compatible with 3.5-inch thick desktops.

You can experience full-motion articulation with Stand Steady’s VESA-compatible monitor mounts that spin 360 degrees, swivel 180 degrees, and tilt 45 degrees. Furthermore, the monitor arms can bend and expand nearly three feet apart to ensure a perfect fit screen. The Stand Steady’s flexibility is a pleasant way to modify your three-monitor setup to the ergonomic ideal.

This triple monitor mount’s sturdy and sleek metal frame is not only gorgeous, but it serves a great purpose. The clamp-on monitor stand will not only give a more luxe look to your workspace, but it will keep your screens stable, too.

The Stand Steady’s heavy-duty C-clamp has got you covered for high-security attachment to the desk. No more tilting or shaking monitors when you work.

  • Multiple cord management clips
  • Sleek, ergonomic design
  • Pretty stable
  • Hex key included for assembly
  • Time-consuming assembly
  • This stand can barely support heavier monitors.
  • The center monitor usually only fits above the side displays

Overall, Stand Steady Desk stays true to its name. It is a straightforward triple monitor mount for brief workers who spend a lot of time staring at three computer monitors.

5. EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand

EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand

The EasyMountLCD EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand has exceptional flexibility. Aside from a freestanding base, it comes with a grommet mounting option should you want a through-the-desk installation.

It’s an impressive triple monitor mount stand since it can hold most monitors – including curved widescreens – measuring up to 28 inches with VESA 75 x 75 or 100 x 100 mm compatible, quick release mounting brackets for easy installation.

Like the previous triple monitor mounts, EZM can rotate 360 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise. The mounting heads can rotate your monitors to landscape or portrait mode, and the outside mounting heads tilt up and down (180 degrees), swivel left and right (180 degrees), and the center mounting head can tilts up and down, swivels left and right, thirty degrees.

Aside from the angles, you may also adjust the monitor viewing heights with some pre-drilled holes.

  • Not expensive
  • Can support even curved widescreens
  • Well-built and heavy
  • Easy installation (freestand or bolt through the desk)
  • You can rotate the outer monitors from landscape to portrait
  • No routing for cables
  • Non-articulating arm

EasyMountLCD EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand for the desktop is a pretty solid support system for your triple monitor setup. It’s fairly reasonably priced for the astounding quality that it offers.

6. AVLT Triple Monitor Desk Mount

AVLT Triple Monitor Arm Desk Mount

The AVLT Triple Monitor Arm Desk Mount fits the majority of flat or curved monitors that measure up to 15.4 lbs. each. The AVLT triple monitor mount is one of the best when it comes to configurability since its arms are easily adjustable plus its center pole is pretty tall at 21 inches. The arms can extend up to 31 inches which is impressive.

You can tilt the center mount up and down but it stays the same angle.

The included c-clamp and grommet base mounting options can support up to 3.3 inches thick desks.

Another nice thing about the AVLT Triple Monitor Arm Desk Mount is its heavy-duty metal base that does not take much space.

  • Sturdy, well-built triple monitor mount
  • Made of heavy gauge metal
  • Easy height adjustments
  • Fully adjustable arms
  • Good customer service
  • Comes in a nice silver color
  • Three-year warranty
  • Fitting three large, 32-inch screens may pose as a challenge
  • When the desk is in standing position, the monitors may start to get unstable and shaky

The AVLT is a professional-grade triple monitor mount. It is ideal for anyone looking for a triple monitor mount for three relatively small monitors.

7. Ergotron Triple Display Stand

Ergotron Triple Display Stand

This Ergotron triple display stand for monitors has an effortless operation and easy assembly.

The thing that sets it apart from the competitors is its patented CF motion technology that provides premium adjustment, making it suitable even for a dual monitor setup of two larger widescreen LCDs.

This Ergotron Triple Display Stand gives you five inches of height adjustment. Hence, you maintain a healthy posture. It has integrated cable management for that neat-looking setup free of messy wires. With this triple display stand, your monitors can tilt and lift in tandem while maintaining position integrity on your desk.

  • Sturdy
  • Premium quality, heavy material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Convenient height adjustment
  • The feet may take up a lot of space on your desktop
  • Can only support smaller screens

Ergotron Triple Display Stand is a thick, heavy-duty stand for relatively small monitors. It’s well-made and would last for the years to come. A lot of buyers were satisfied with the quality it brings for its price.

8. EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand Freestanding with Grommet Mount Option

EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand Freestanding

EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Free Standing Mount Stand with Grommet Mount Option is another great choice for widescreen monitors, even curved ones. It can support three 28″ monitors and adjust them; however you like.

This triple monitor mount stand by EZM has a heavy weighted metal base, which you can also bolt to the desktop. The diameter of its pole is 1 7/8″, perfectly right for the amount of support. You can easily adjust your monitor’s viewing height by simply moving the arms along this pole. You can tweak each monitor’s height individually to satisfy your viewing preferences.

Like the others on this list, it features full-circle clockwise and counterclockwise rotating mounting heads, which are great if you want to adjust your monitors to landscape and portrait modes. As for the outside mounting heads, you can tilt them up and down 180 degrees, swivel left and right 180 degrees, and rotate 360 degrees.

  • The parts fit nicely
  • It’s not hard to position the monitors to the desired viewing angles
  • High quality, heavy-duty design and construction
  • Height adjustment is limited to four positions only

EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand is another highly recommended support system for your triple monitor display. It’s got your back when you want something that can mount even three curved widescreen monitors.

9. Monoprice Triple Monitor Gas Spring Mount for up to 32″ Screens

Monoprice Triple Monitor Gas Spring Mount

Monoprice’s triple monitor with a fully adjustable center mount, high strength steel, and aluminum structural components is another great way to organize your desk space.

It’s a gas spring mount that can fit up to 32″ screens weighing anywhere from 2.2 and 15.4 lbs. Because of the high-quality steel and aluminum used to make this triple monitor mount, it will hold up pretty well.

You can easily raise, lower, push, pull, and adjust this Monoprice mount to your heart’s desire – it offers a full range of motion and lots of adjustment options.

  • Very sturdy
  • Versatile
  • Worth your money
  • Provides good adjustability even for the central monitor
  • The installation instructions should be easier to understand

Monoprice is a pretty safe option for a triple monitor mount due to its high adjustability, great durability, and fairly affordable price. Get it now if you want a new and improved workstation.

10. VIVO Black Triple Monitor Stand

VIVO Black Triple Monitor mount

The VIVO Triple Monitor Mount is a freestanding desk stand with a glass base. Despite its low price, it’s heavy-duty and fully adjustable for screens up to 24 inches wide.

High-grade steel and aluminum construction never fail to make this VIVO triple monitor mount to perform its duty well: it can support three monitors weighing 22 pounds per monitor without a hitch.

Its sturdy glass base also helps in providing ample support for your monitors while adding an elegant touch to your desk at the same time.

  • Three-year warranty
  • Affordable price
  • A pretty solid triple monitor stand with an elegant, heavy-duty base plate
  • Sturdy with great design
  • All tools included for assembly
  • Detachable VESA plates
  • The cable management needs improvement
  • Challenging assembly

VIVO Triple Monitor Mount is the best option for those looking for a cheap product. This triple monitor mount will keep your expensive electronics looking their best by arranging them in an aesthetically pleasing way on your desk.

How to Go Shopping for a Monitor Stand: Types of Monitor stands

types of monitor mounts

Freestanding triple monitor mounts

Freestanding monitor mounts are standard monitor mounts that work for most users. These don’t need any installation at all because they’ll sit on top of your desk. Freestanding base mounts are good options for thinner desks such as glass due to their lack of sturdy, semi-permanent attachment to the desk.

Side-clamp desk mounts

Side-clamp mounts only attach to the edge of the desk. These triple monitor desk mounts are ideal for thicker desks because these mounts require a lot of pressure to stay intact. The side clamp base mounts are better at clearing up desk space than freestanding monitor mounts because they keep your monitors away from your desk space.

Grommet stand

Through-the-desk grommet stands are the most foolproof way to set up your three monitors. For this to work, you’ll drill a hole through your desk, then stick a bolt through to ensure the monitors’ security. It’s the most permanent installation options of your monitors on a stand.

Final Verdict

Although these ten products are great options, one that caught our eye is from Ergotech. Ergotech Triple LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand with Telescopic Wings will give your triple monitor setup a lot of stability and flexibility. It can carry a lot more weight than any others, and it’s covered by a lifetime warranty too, so you’re a hundred percent confident it’s worth every penny.

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