Best Monitor for PS4 and Xbox One Gaming 2022

When choosing a dedicated monitor for PS4, you need it to have the same qualities as a good gaming monitor. PS4 monitors are becoming more and more sought after, especially now that the gaming industry keeps on spewing new, more exciting things.

You shouldn’t connect your console to your main TV screen; by having a separate monitor for it, you can play your games more smoothly, plus, you can have better image quality and viewing angles depending on the monitor’s specs. That’s the norm for PC gaming, after all. PC gamers have always wanted to get the best possible gaming monitors for their fast-paced games and role-playing games.

Check out our buying guide for the ten best monitors for PS4 gaming. You’re one step closer to beating all your opponents or simply enjoying your game 100% by getting the most up-to-date piece of tech.

Best PS4 Gaming Monitors

Here are the specs of our top picks. After this table, you’ll see their long, detailed reviews, pros, cons, plus another buying guide section. Find your perfect choice at a glance if you can!

Product nameSizeResolutionRefresh rateResponse timePanel
BenQ EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor31.5"2560x1440144Hz4msVA
Razer Raptor 27" Gaming Monitor27"2560x1440144Hz1msIPS
LG 27UL650-W 27" Gaming Monitor27"4K60Hz5msIPS
ASUS VP28UQG 28" Monitor 4K UHD28"4K60Hz1msTN
ASUS VG279Q 27" Full HD 1080p IPS 144Hz 1ms Gaming Monitor27"1080p144Hz1msIPS
MSI Optix MAG272CQR Curved Gaming Monitor27"2560x1440165Hz1msVA
AOC CU34G2X 34" Curved Frameless Immersive Gaming Monitor34"3440x1440144Hz1msVA
Acer Predator X27P27"4K144Hz4msIPS
Alienware 25 AW2521HF 24.5 inch Gaming Monitor24.5"1080p240Hz1msIPS

1. BenQ EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor 31.5 inch

BenQ EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor

Our top pick is also the biggest of them all. The BenQ EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor will give you a panoramic entertainment when you play your game on it with its 1800R curvature and 2560×1440 resolution on a 31.5-inch screen.

This BenQ monitor’s 144Hz refresh rate ensures a very smooth and fluid motion, making sure you never lose in all your competitive gaming sessions.

AMD FreeSync 2 empowers this machine so much more by eliminating screen tearing and broken frames. With this technology, you won’t have choppy gameplay.

As for its visuals, the BenQ EX3203R blends its adaptive image-balance technology with HDR brightness, giving you crisp and clear images that won’t look washed out no matter how bright the screen gets. It’s also a wonderful piece of tech since it reduces eye strain and fatigue when you’re playing for hours straight.

Brightness Intelligence Plus is a well-known BenQ feature that automatically adjusts display brightness and color temperature. This B.I.+ sensor works by modifying the image according to the screen content and ambient lighting. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about headaches and eye strain since your monitor adapts to its surroundings so well.

This BenQ monitor has a great selection of ports, including multiple HDMI ports, DisplayPort, USB 3.1, and USB-C. You can trust USB-C to deliver 2K video and data super quickly.

The ultra-slim bezels of this curved gaming monitor would look sleek on any desktop. You can set up multiple displays edge to edge without any problems because of the nearly borderless design.

You also won’t end up with back pain because this monitor has helpful height adjustment and tilt features that let you position it on the most comfortable viewing angles.

  • High refresh rate
  • Excellent image quality
  • Curved screen is great for gaming
  • Thin bezels for sleek design
  • FreeSync support
  • Not VESA compatible

BenQ EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor is a satisfying addition to your PS4 or Xbox gaming rig. It’s the overall best 144Hz monitor you can get!

2. Razer Raptor 27″ Gaming Monitor

Razer Raptor 27 Gaming Monitor

The Razer Raptor 27-inch Gaming Monitor has a resolution of WQHD (2560×1440) and an IPS-grade display that gives you an incredibly detailed picture.

The reason why the Razer Raptor 27 is one of the best gaming monitors for PS4 is its 144Hz refresh rate. With Razer Raptor 27, you can enjoy your fast-paced games with a buttery smooth movement. The Ultra Low Motion Blur feature is responsible for a 1ms response rate that makes each frame appear as sharp as possible.

The Razer Raptor 27-inch Gaming Monitor will ensure you never have input lag because of Adaptive Sync. Furthermore, it’s one of the best variable refresh rates monitor that will work with your graphics cards to get rid of screen tearing.

Razer’s gaming monitor has a wide factory-calibrated 95% DCI-P3 color gamut, letting it support HDR content quite well. It’s got more colors than the standard sRGB, making images appear more brilliant than ever. You’ll also notice very deep, rich blacks.

Whether you’re watching a movie or playing on your PS4, the Razer Raptor’s ultra-thin bezels will never get in the way of your viewing experience.

This monitor’s height adjustability is great to have so you can achieve the perfect eye-level height. The dual-rail design lets the monitor glide seamlessly when adjusting the height, further adding to its premium feel. There are lots of ports that you’ll see with ease when you tilt its hinge 90 degrees.

RGB fans will be happy to hear that the Razer Raptor 27 monitor’s base has beautiful RGB lighting called the Razer Chroma Base.

  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Fast response
  • AMD FreeSync technology
  • Excellent build quality
  • Stunning color
  • Lacks VESA compatibility

The Razer Raptor 27 is a beautiful piece of tech. Its design is unlike any other monitor on the market, and the specs are all console gamer-approved, so you know you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

3. LG 27UL650-W 27″ Gaming Monitor

LG 27UL650-W Gaming Monitor

If you want a nice 4K gaming monitor, the LG 27UL650-W is the one for you. The 4K UHD HDR of this monitor makes it suitable for gaming and content creation.

The LG 27UL650-W is compatible with VESA DisplayHDR 400 high dynamic range, meaning it supports specific color and brightness levels that the traditional monitor cannot. What you’ll get is clearer and brighter-looking HDR that results in more lifelike image quality. That, combined with the 4K resolution and the bold brightness of 400 nits, give you the most intense highlights.

Sometimes when you’re gaming, you’re not just moving around – you’re also there to appreciate the beautiful scenery. This LG monitor has a 99% coverage of the sRGB spectrum, providing gamers the highly accurate color they want.

You can rely on Radeon FreeSync to reduce the tearing and stuttering that happens between a graphics card’s frame rate and a monitor’s refresh rate. As a result, this monitor enables a smoother motion and less stuttering in graphically intensive games.

This monitor’s IPS panel will give you only the widest viewing angles, so no matter where you are, the colors would not look weird.

For gamers that like customization, there’s one thing that would appeal to you. The LG 27UL650-W also lets you customize your gaming conditions. You can choose the RTS pre-set mode or the FPS settings – whichever’s the best for the current game you’re going to play.

This LG monitor has an OSD joystick under the brand’s logo. This gaming monitor also has an on-screen control if you don’t feel like pressing the OSD joystick.

LG’s ergonomic ArcLine stand adds to its sleek design. It’s an adjustable stand (height, pivot 90 degrees, tilt) with a smoothly curved base.

  • 4K resolution
  • IPS for wide viewing angles
  • FreeSync gaming monitor
  • Sleek design
  • 5ms response times
  • Pricey

The FreeSync support of the LG 27UL650-W 27-inch gaming monitor is what makes it worth getting if you’re into console gaming. Its 4K resolution on a 27-inch screen makes it the sharpest display ever, making it ideal for console gamers who want to enjoy the game’s stunning visuals.

4. ASUS VP28UQG 28″ Monitor 4K UHD

Asus VP28UQG 28-inch Monitor

This ASUS monitor is similar to the previous one, the LG 27UL650-W in its 4K resolution. It is, however, more affordable. The ASUS VP28UQG is a 28-inch 4K/UHD (3840 x 2160) monitor with 1ms response time and Adaptive-Sync/AMD Free Sync. These qualities of the ASUS monitor give you a very sharp, highly detailed gameplay.

The 5-Way OSD joystick lets you in on monitor controls such as ASUS GamePlus immediately. ASUS’ GamePlus and GameVisual are exclusive settings that beautify color performance and control.

The ASUS VP28UQG has four times the pixels of traditional Full HD 1080p monitors. With this monitor’s high resolution, you get more detail when playing games or watching movies, along with a lot more desktop space for your multitasking work. ASUS VP28UQG further makes virtual worlds more engaging with highly-textured elements and land maps that show off striking detail.

Motion blur and smearing will be a thing of the past thanks to this ASUS VP28UQG’s 1ms response time. This feature is perfect if you like racing or combat games. Adaptive-Sync/FreeSync further obliterates screen tearing and choppy frame rates, giving you an even more lightning-fast gameplay.

What makes this monitor great for PS4 gaming is the ASUS-exclusive Eye Care technology. It reduces eyestrain with flicker-free backlighting and blue light filters. Flicker-free technology is an insanely helpful feature of this monitor. It is a gamer’s key to a comfortable gaming experience since it prevents eye strain and other ailments that might happen in long gaming sessions.

  • Low input lag
  • Budget-friendly
  • 4K resolution
  • FreeSync
  • ASUS Eye Care technology
  • Not VESA compatible
  • Not so great viewing angles

Get the ASUS VP28UQG if you want the best budget 4K monitor for PS4 gaming! Its incredibly high resolution, low input lag, 1ms response time, and blue light reducing features make it a worthy option to consider when you’re looking for great 4K console gaming monitors.

5. ASUS VG279Q 27″ Full HD 1080p IPS 144Hz 1ms Gaming Monitor

ASUS VG279Q 27 inch monitor

If you don’t care much about the resolution but want a higher refresh rate and fast response time, this other ASUS monitor should do the trick.

The ASUS VG279Q is a pleasant gaming monitor with a Full HD 1080p resolution, IPS display with 1ms MPRT. The size 27-inch screen makes sitting farther away, still okay when playing games. The Free Sync/Adaptive Sync of this monitor, combined with its 144Hz refresh rate, gives you a tear-free experience with AMD Radeon GPU.

ASUS also has Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) Technology that makes moving objects look even sharper, leading to more fluid and responsive gameplay.

And if you’re drawn towards games with dark scenes, you’ll like the Shadow Boost that enhances details in dark areas and brightens scenes that need it, all without over-exposing bright regions.

With ASUS VG279Q, you’ll always be marathon-ready because of the Eye Care technology that minimizes eye fatigue. Its ergonomic stand gives you full height, tilt, swivel, and pivot adjustments – perfect for any viewing position you want it to stay. It’s also VESA-compatible!

Speaking of viewing angles: this ASUS monitor’s IPS panel ensures that distortion and color shift never happens wherever you go. Its wide 178-degree viewing angles let you view the monitor even from extreme positions, making it ideal for PS4 gaming with friends.

  • Affordable
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Fast response
  • FreeSync technology
  • IPS for wide viewing angle
  • ASUS Eye Care Technology
  • Quality control

ASUS VG279Q is another budget monitor for a console that will give you smooth gameplay with its refresh rate, 144Hz, and 1ms response rate. The IPS panels of this 1080p monitor will provide you with a wide viewing angle, ideal for a fun gaming experience with friends.

6. MSI Optix MAG272CQR Curved Gaming Monitor

MSI 27-inch Curved Gaming Monitor

This MSI 27-inch Curved Gaming Monitor would make your PS4 games even more enticing. The curved (1500R) display of the MSI Optix MAG272CQR would give you more immersive gaming experience.

The MSI Optix MAG272CQR has AMD FreeSync, which means that your refresh rate will stay synced to your AMD GPU, getting rid of screen tearing or stuttering.

All MSI gaming monitors have a 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time VA LED panel. Now, winning in fast-paced games such as first-person shooters, real-time strategy, and racing will be a lot easier.

Another great thing about the MSI Optix MAG272CQR is its wide viewing angles, making it suitable to be positioned almost anywhere in your room. Images won’t lose color accuracy and contrast even when you look at the screen from a harsh angle.

This gaming monitor comes with a blue light filter, which makes it okay for all-day and all-night gaming. Aside from that, MSI’s Anti-Flicker technology helps reduce the amount of flicker.

Overall, the MSI Optix MAG272CQR Curved Gaming Monitor should be pretty good for your gaming needs, especially if you happen to have a graphics card that can reach up to 165 fps to make the most out of this monitor. And with specs like these, this monitor is even highly recommended for eSports!

  • Great color accuracy and contrast ratio
  • AMD FreeSync technology
  • Very smooth gaming due to the 165Hz refresh rate
  • 1500R curved display
  • Nice build quality
  • Backlight bleed
  • Slight ghosting issues

MSI Optix MAG272CQR is a well-liked gaming monitor in general, even by PC gamers. This curved 27-inch screen is one of the best PS4 monitors you can get in its price range, mostly because of its high refresh rate and fast response. But that is not to say that it isn’t flawed.

7. AOC CU34G2X 34″ Curved Frameless Immersive Gaming Monitor


The AOC CU34G2X is the biggest gaming monitor for PS4 and Xbox on our list. AOC CU34G2X is a 34-inch, curved, frameless, Gaming G2 Series monitor with a 3440×1440 Ultra-wide Quad HD (2K+) resolution VA panel.

AOC has made plenty of excellent gaming monitors on the market, but for some reason, the AOC CU34G2X 34-inch Curved Frameless Immersive Gaming Monitor stood out. What makes it amazing for gaming is its rapid, 1ms response time (MPRT) and 144Hz refresh rate with Adaptive-Sync. With this AOC monitor, you’ll get ultra-smooth, high-speed gameplay without input lag. Further aiding the super immersive gaming is its 1500R curved display and three-sided frameless design.

You’ll also like its wide viewing angles made possible by the VA panel and its brilliant colors with over 115% sRGB and 98% Adobe RGB color gamut coverage. The VA panel gives you a 178/178 degree viewing angle, maintaining the colors’ consistency and image quality from all viewing positions. Simultaneously, the high color gamut coverage gives you an extensive range of colors for a beautiful gaming experience.

The flicker-free and AOC LowBlue Mode Technology ensures that your eyes will stay fine no matter how obsessed you get with your games.

Another necessity for gamers is a monitor’s height adjustability. The good thing is that the AOC CU34G2X has a pivot, swivel, and tilt function, and it is VESA-mountable. These adjustments will let you play your PS4 games at a comfortable level.

  • Curved and large screen size
  • Fast response time (1ms)
  • High refresh rate
  • Good viewing angles
  • Excellent contrast
  • Quality control

The AOC CU34G2X Curved Immersive Gaming Monitor is one of the best ultrawide gaming monitors for PS4, PS4 Pro, and even gaming PCs. With this huge, curved screen real estate and a higher resolution than normal, you can feel yourself being in a different world.

8. Acer Predator X27P

Acer Predator X27

The Acer Predator X27P is a one-of-a-kind gaming monitor. It’s a 27-inch 4K Ultra HD monitor that’s sure to boost your gaming experience.

This monitor boasts specs that would make every PS4 gamer’s jaw drop, including a 144Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time on an IPS display that supports NVIDIA G-Sync. The Predator has a very fitting name.

The 4K resolution on a 27-inch screen packs a punch. Plus, with G-Sync’s capabilities to get rid of ghosting artifacts, you can have the best, most vivid graphics.

The Acer Predator X27P monitor has a 99% coverage of the Adobe RGB color space. When combined with IPS technology, you’ll get an excellent color range and accuracy.

And, if that wasn’t enough, you’ll be delighted to hear about this monitor’s Quantum Dot Dominance. For an even more lifelike appeal, the Acer Predator X27P has nanosized dots that emit a certain color related to their size, creating higher levels of brightness, saturation, and accuracy. And that shows with its peak brightness of 1000 nits. Not only that, the 384 individually-controllable LED backlight zones will make the Acer Predator X27P’s images appear realistic.

Ultimately, the Predator Game Mode has eight pre-set display modes that optimize the visuals depending on the content.

  • Gets really bright
  • 4K resolution
  • High refresh rate
  • No assembly required
  • G-Sync compatibility
  • IPS panel for wide viewing angles
  • Expensive

Acer Predator X27P is a pricey monitor, but you won’t regret ever spending your money on it. It will give you an out-of-this-world gaming experience that nothing else can ever top.

9. Alienware 25 AW2521HF 24.5 inch Gaming Monitor

Alienware 25-AW2521HF Gaming Monitor

The Alienware 24.5-inch Gaming Monitor (AW2521HF) is also one of the best available IPS monitors you’ll ever find. With native refresh rates that can reach up to 240Hz, true 1ms response time, and AMD FreeSync Premium and NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible technology to synchronize the graphics with the monitor, you get the most epic gameplay!

What makes this Alienware monitor unique is the cooling and venting design at the top, bottom, and rear. The AW2521HF has an optimized ventilation system that keeps it cool even during intense battles.

Aside from the IPS technology that gives an outstanding image clarity, you also get 99% sRGB color coverage for a wide array of colors, making every video game scene appear as realistic as possible.

The Legend Industrial design of the Alienware AW2521HF monitor is noticeably bold and sculpted but minimal. Its stand with tapered legs and its VESA-compatibility makes it easier to use and setup as well.

  • Fast response time
  • Super high refresh rate
  • Easy to adjust the settings
  • Great build quality and design
  • Some find the 1080p resolution to be too low

If you’re sure that what matters is the refresh rate and response time, and not so much the resolution, then get this Alienware AW2521HF Gaming Monitor. You won’t even notice the pixels when you’re reasonably far away from the screen when playing your game.

10. Samsung UH750 28″ FreeSync Monitor

Samsung UH750 28-inch FreeSync monitor

Finally, here’s another 4K gaming monitor to love for your PS4 and Xbox One. The Samsung UH750 is a simple but beautiful 28-inch monitor with a slim body, narrow bezels, and metallic Y stand. With a stylish exterior, the UH750 can even serve as an accent or home decor rather than an electronic device.

We already know that a 4K UHD resolution will give only the best image quality there is. So, we’re going to go straight and talk about how amazing the colors are on this screen: the Samsung UH850 delivers one billion shades of vibrant colors that result in an incredibly lifelike detail! The reason for this is the Quantum Dot, a technology that gives the most accurate and vivid versions of colors on a screen.

The wider screen real estate of this Samsung monitor allows you to use this for gaming mode and work. It’s perfect for multitasking and doing serious tasks, too. Who knew you could play Minecraft in the middle of a conference call? Samsung’s Picture-by-Picture (PBP) Dual Screen function lets you connect to two devices simultaneously while preserving the original image quality.

On the other hand, Samsung’s Picture-in-Picture feature takes away the need for another monitor even when you’re heavily multitasking. With this feature, you can resize the second image up to a quarter of the screen and place it anywhere you like.

The Samsung UH750’s brightness is 300 nits, pretty average for a gaming monitor, but still higher than some models. It’s got a 60Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time too.

  • 4K monitor
  • Great for multitasking
  • Elegant design
  • 1ms response time
  • Quantum Dot technology
  • Kind of expensive

Samsung is one of the most renowned makers of good quality monitors. The Samsung UH750 made it into our list because it’s a pretty solid choice for PS4 gamers who prefer a more minimalistic design on their gaming monitor but still offer great performance. It’s mid-range, but it does provide a great bang for your buck.

Things to Consider When Buying a PS4 Gaming Monitor

PS4 monitor

When you’re shopping for a PS4 gaming monitor, you should consider the type of games you’ll play. For example, fast-paced games such as first-person shooters or racing games need a high refresh rate monitor, while slower games such as role-playing games don’t need that high of a refresh rate as much as a high resolution. A monitor with a high resolution will give you a more captivating and vibrant visual experience.


Typically, monitors come in 1080p, 1440p, 2K, or 4K resolution. The resolution is how many horizontal pixels there are in a monitor, and a higher value corresponds to better image quality. You’ll want to have at least 1920 x 1080 (1080p) resolution on your console gaming monitor because of most PS4 and Xbox One games run at 1080p Full HD.

Refresh rate

On the other hand, the refresh rate is the number of times per second that a screen refreshes the image. A regular office monitor usually has a 60Hz refresh rate (sometimes 75Hz), while you’ll notice most gaming monitors to have at least a 144Hz refresh rate. A refresh rate 60Hz will suffice for most modern consoles. Even if you get one such monitor with a refresh rate higher than that, you probably won’t notice a difference. But still, if you plan to use your monitor for both PS4 / Xbox One and PC gaming, we suggest getting a 144Hz monitor. Besides, the 144Hz refresh rate is now becoming the norm in the gaming industry, so that the price difference won’t be that great.

Response time

Response time tells you how fast a pixel can change, measured in milliseconds (ms). You’re always looking for a lower number for this stat since that means the transitions are faster. A 1ms response time is normal for a gaming monitor. For reference, a typical screen has under 10ms response time.

Panel type

Panel technology also matters a lot when you’re choosing your PS4 monitor. The in-plane switching (IPS), twisted nematic (TN), and vertical alignment (VA) panels are the choices you have.

TN panels give you the best refresh rates and pixel response. However, it doesn’t have great viewing angles and color reproduction, unlike IPS panels. The glaring cons to an IPS display are its high latency and low response time.

VA panels are usually prone to ghosting, yet they offer an excellent contrast ratio, deep blacks, and richer colors. Think of VA panels as a middle ground for TN and IPS panels.

Eye care technology

Gaming can take hours, and if you spend too long staring at a bright screen with action-packed scenes, your eyes can get tired, and you may even start to feel headaches. It’s important to look for “eye care” or low blue light mode on a monitor to take away some of that stress.


Port connection matters a lot when you’re picking a gaming monitor. Your monitor should have at least one HDMI port since PS4, and Xbox One use that for connectivity. Even regular computers can use HDMI to connect to a monitor.

Final Verdict

Our top recommended PS4 gaming monitors will surely give you the best gaming experience. We hope we helped you with our monitor reviews in choosing one that will make it to your battle station next! Hurry up and go with the one that fits in your budget, and you can start gaming all you want.

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