Best Monitor Arm 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

The best monitor arm will give you so much satisfaction when working on your computer. It raises your monitor’s height to the proper eye level, making it good for your posture. And by lifting your monitor off your desktop, you can free up precious space. Aside from the height adjustment, you can get rid of glare by tilting your screen.

You can do a lot with a single monitor arm. It is a simple object that will contribute greatly to your health and wellness by reducing the stress from working long hours.

The Best Monitor Arms

These are our top picks. We’ve included a wide range of weight limits and screen sizes to accommodate as many as possible.

Product nameMax. screen sizeWeight capacity
Ergotron – LX Desk Monitor Arm34 inches25 lbs.
Vari Single-Monitor Arm - Full-Motion SpringAny19.8 lbs.
AmazonBasics Premium Single Monitor Stand - Lift Engine Arm Mount32 inches25 lbs.
NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand30 inches19.8 lbs.
FLEXIMOUNTS Desk Monitor Mount - Full Motion Single LCD Arm27 inches11 lbs.
VIVO Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand27 inches22 lbs.
Bracwiser Single Fully Adjustable Monitor Arm Stand Mount32 inches22 lbs.
 HUANUO Monitor Mount Stand35 inches26.4 lbs.
EleTab Single Monitor Desk Mount32 inches19.8 lbs.

1. Ergotron LX Desk Monitor Arm

Ergotron LX Desk Monitor Arm

This durable monitor arm by Ergotron would make your workspace more flexible and comfortable. This monitor arm offers easy screen adjustment of up to 25 inches of arm extension and 13 inches of lift.

The 360-degree screen pan and rotation ensures that you have the best viewing angle for your monitor so you can focus on your projects without problems. This Ergotron LX desk monitor arm frees up so much desk space for your books, notes, and phone with its cable management system. So not only is this very sleek-looking monitor arm functional and sturdy, but it’s also very helpful in keeping your desk area clean.

This polished aluminum desk monitor arm can fit 34-inch monitors weighing 25 lbs. What’s so convenient about this product is it folds to squeeze in your drawers when you aren’t using it. Another great quality of this Ergotron single monitor arm is its VESA mount compatibility.

When you purchase this product, the package comes complete with the LX arm, extension, desk clamp, grommet mount bases, and a 7-inch pole.

The best part is a ten-year warranty backs the Ergotron LX Desk Mounts.

  • Great build quality with sleek aluminum
  • Can hold up to 34-inch screens
  • Ten-year warranty
  • Easy to adjust and easy to move
  • Pretty good weight limit; suitable even for heavy monitors
  • Some users thought that the height adjustability is lacking

Ergotron LX desk monitor arm is one of the strongest single monitor arms for ultrawide monitors you can find on the market. It looks high-quality, and it does perform great as a monitor support system and as a space saver. This single mount has a wide range of motion plus VESA support making it easy to setup.

2. Vari Single-Monitor Arm – Full-Motion Spring

Vari Single-Monitor Arm

If you have standing desks and ergonomic chairs, why not complete your computer setup with a single monitor arm from Vari? This product is so handy and effective since it has 360 degrees of rotation that allows for vertical monitor alignment.

The Vari Single Monitor Arm with Full-motion Spring is VESA-compatible and would perfectly fit all Vari tables, desks, and other office equipment for ideal ergonomics.

This full-motion spring monitor arm comes with cable management clips so you can tidy up your workspace a little bit. The product isn’t complicated to install, too.

  • Strong, solidly built monitor arm
  • Smooth adjustment
  • Extremely stable
  • Full motion
  • Varidesk doesn’t have an adapter for mounting holes

Vari Single Monitor Arm with Full-motion is a heavy-duty option for anyone looking to improve their workspace’s look and feel. Many reviewers were happy with this monitor mounting arm’s full range of motion that ensures you can adjust your computer monitor any way you want.

3. AmazonBasics Premium Single Monitor Stand – Lift Engine Arm Mount

AmazonBasics Premium Single Monitor Stand

The AmazonBasics Premium Single Monitor Stand is another product that you can adjust effortlessly. It’s perfect for everyday use, and it’s fairly simple to set up.

This AmazonBasics single monitor arm has a weight capacity of 25 lbs. This VESA-compatible arm can hold any LCD monitor 32 inches or smaller, plus it can extend, retract, tilt (70 degrees of tilt back, 5 degrees forward), and rotate.

It will increase your space by raising your monitor off the desktop, and by doing that also reduces your neck strain. And since it folds back over the base, it’s pretty compact and will stay out of sight when you don’t want to use it.

What about your cables? They have a place to stay on this attractive monitor stand! You can tuck them neatly under the arm to hide them.

This product is covered by a one-year limited warranty by AmazonBasics and is packed complete with the nuts, screws, wrenches, and instruction manual.

  • All motions are smooth-flowing
  • It’s easy to adjust the monitor with this product.
  • Topnotch quality overall
  • Quality control

The AmazonBasics Premium Single Monitor Stand is one of our top picks for various reasons. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to free up valuable desk space and adjust the monitor’s height. With this product, you can have an exceptional range of motion.

4. NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand

NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand

The NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand (Monitor Mount F80) can accommodate 17 to 30-inch monitors weighing no more than 19.8 lbs. It’s another fully adjustable single monitor arm, but with a durable gas spring system, you can be sure of your monitor’s easy position adjustment.

This desk mount monitor arm is capable of a broad spectrum of movements: 360-degree landscape rotation, -30 to 85 degrees tilt, ten inches of upright range, and 90 degrees of swivel. With flexibility such as this, you can maintain a good posture when you’re busy working or gaming.

There are two installation options for the NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand. You can go with a support c-clamp or grommet installation. But no matter what, you can rely on NB North Bayou’s superb build quality so it will serve its purpose for a very long time.

It will also keep your surface clutter-free with its cable management system.

  • Affordable
  • VESA compliant
  • Full motion
  • Cable management
  • May require some slight tweaks to make it fit better

NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand would make the perfect gift for your officemate, student, analysts, or yourself. This single monitor arm would drastically improve your home office and make video conferencing and presentations less stressful. The bonus is it will only set you back by less than 30 bucks.

5. FLEXIMOUNTS Desk Monitor Mount – Full Motion Single LCD Arm

FLEXIMOUNTS Desk Monitor Mount

Another great deal is the Fleximounts Desk Monitor Mount, an affordable full-motion single LCD arm for 10 to 27-inch flat screens. It’s a fully adjustable spring arm that can do a whole lot: height adjustment, swivel, tilt and rotate.

What makes it not difficult to adjust the monitor height is the gas spring hovering system. With your touch, you can easily change how high your monitor sits.

If you’re using this monitor arm to support larger monitors, you need to screw the tension anti-clockwise to tighten the knob. In contrast, to loosen it up for smaller screens, turn the tension clockwise.

A spacious cable management channel serves to declutter your monitor setups and let your cables freely move while making your adjustments.

This product would be the best fit for most brands such as Samsung, Acer, LG, Viewsonic, Dell, Asus, HP, AOC flat panel LCD and LED monitors from 10 to 27 inches in size. You can look up the brand and model number of your screen in Fleximounts’ “Customer Questions & Answers” to check for compatibility. It’s always better to be sure before buying one of these.

The product package comes with a c-clamp and grommet mount bases to ensure quick installation.

  • Adjustable height
  • Applicable for various monitor sizes
  • Affordable
  • Uses a metal VESA bracket
  • Quality control

Tons of good reviews are all you’ll find on this product’s page; the Fleximounts Desk Monitor Mount exceeded a lot of people’s expectations. It performs well, it’s durable, and it will serve as a well-deserved upgrade to your computer setup. This monitor arm made it to our top picks also because of its classy, stylish design.

6. VIVO Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

VIVO Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

VIVO Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand V001 is an amazing affordable product if you have a 13-27″ monitor weighing no more than 22 lbs. It’s aluminum with a sleek black finish making it fit into any contemporary space.

This VIVO desk mount LCD stand does a great job of securing and suspending your monitor for better alignment with your line of sight. Please attach it to the back of the desk to make room for lots of other stuff on your workspace.

The possibilities for angles and positions are almost limitless with this monitor arm. The fully articulating arm measures 16 inches and can -90 to 90-degree tilt, rotate 360 degrees and swivel 360 degrees. To adjust the fluidity of motion, you can loosen and tighten the joints. You can ease the bolt behind the arm to lower or raise your screen along the 17-inch center pole.

You can opt for a c-clamp or a grommet mount to desks 3.25 inches thick for its installation. After setting up this VIVO desk mount stand, there’s one last thing you should do: make use of the cable management clips to keep unsightly cords out of your space.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Very easy installation
  • Well-built
  • Holds extremely well
  • The height adjustment is quite low for some people

VIVO Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand V001 is loved by so many people working from home. It’s a monitor arm with great build quality, decent adjustment, and a hard-to-beat price. You can purchase the VIVO monitor arm on its own or as an additional piece for your side-by-side monitor setup.

7. Bracwiser Single Fully Adjustable Monitor Arm Stand Mount

Bracwiser Single Fully Adjustable Monitor Arm

An outstanding monitor arm by Bracwiser made it to our top-rated list for several reasons. First, it’s very sturdy and works wonderfully well in keeping your monitor in place.

When you get this, you’ll have a desk-mounted monitor that will double your productivity. It can hold up to a 32-inch screen weighing 22 lbs.

The Bracwiser Single Fully Adjustable Monitor Arm is a perfect fit for monitors with 75x75mm or 100x100mm VESA mounting holes at the back. Another installation trick is to either use a c-clamp or a grommet mount depending on your desk situation.

And now for the fun part: this Bracwiser Single Fully Adjustable Monitor Arm Stand Mount has a 360-degree rotation, ±80-degree tilt, ±90-degree swivel, and 400mm height adjustment. You can do a lot of minor changes to your viewing angles with this efficient monitor arm.

There’s a possibility that you’ve no space at the back of your monitor, and in case of that, you can fold the collapsible arms.

  • Great deal
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to install
  • Quite affordable
  • Pretty bulky clamp that attaches to the edge of the desk

Bracwiser Single Fully Adjustable Monitor Arm Stand Mount is such a good product at a reasonable price. It can hold a lot of monitor sizes and can make working on your computer more convenient.

8. HUANUO Monitor Mount Stand

HUANUO Monitor Mount Stand - Long Single Arm

HUANUO Monitor Mount Stand is our highly recommended pick if you have a heavier monitor. It’s a long single-arm, gas spring, monitor desk mount that can hold 6.6 to 26.4 lbs.

This heavy-duty monitor arm would fit any display that measures 22 to 35 inches wide. It’s an upgraded, longer and larger arm for anyone looking to support bigger computer screens with VESA 75x75mm or 100x100mm. This arm can extend up to 26.3 inches, making it nicer for deep desktops.

This full-motion monitor mount stand by HUANUO has a gas spring arm that can go up to 21.65 inches high. It will significantly improve your ergonomics.

It’s also very stable due to the nature of the c-clamp and grommet mounting options. The enlarged base of this product, along with the double clamp, further improves your setup’s security.

Like the previous products, the HUANUO Monitor Mount Stand can rotate, tilt, and swivel to make your viewing angles more pleasant and your computer work less stressful to your back and neck.

  • Durable and tough monitor arm for larger monitors
  • Suitable even for deep desk tops
  • The gas spring adjustment is smooth and easy
  • Very good material
  • None so far

HUANUO Monitor Mount Stand’s Long Single Arm will drastically change your workspace. It’s made to last and made to support massive screens. Customers were happy to have used this for their ultrawide and curved gaming monitors.

9. EleTab Single Monitor Desk Mount

EleTab Single Monitor Desk Mount

The final product is special: the EleTab Single Monitor Desk Mount is the only white monitor arm on our list. Therefore, it will be perfect for users who want their monitor arm to mesh with their work space’s overall theme.

EleTab Single Monitor Desk Mount has a slim, all-metal construction that would look very nice, especially on minimalist battle stations. It fits most screens up to 32 inches wide and 19.8 lbs. heavy.

It’s got a unique design too for the joint rotation, making every movement smooth and flawless. The gas spring further helps with easy adjustment.

  • Elegant, luxe design
  • The height adjustment is super easy
  • Sturdy
  • Not one thing

EleTab Single Monitor Desk Mount performs as good as it looks. Lots of users praised its slim and stylish aesthetic. Not only that, it serves its purpose as a monitor arm so well, it needs to be on your desktop right now!

How to Choose the Best Monitor Arm

monitor arm


Every monitor arm needs a wide range of motion. That way, you have close to unlimited ways you can achieve the perfect monitor placement. Most monitor arm models have an adjustable height, rotate, tilt, and swivel function, and that’s enough for most users.

If you’re getting a monitor arm to improve your ergonomics, get one with good height adjustability (taller poles).

The smoothness of motion is another thing to consider when buying a monitor arm. You shouldn’t have a hard time adjusting it whenever you like, plus it’s just nicer to use a product that’s easy to maneuver.

Size and weight limit

It would help if you had your monitor arm that can support various monitor sizes. The products we included can handle 27-inch monitors and above – some can even support beefier ultrawide monitors.

Price range

Most affordable monitor arms (think below a hundred bucks) will have a more limited range of motion than pricier ones. If you value the smoother and easier adjustment, we recommend getting the more expensive models. But that’s not to say that cheaper products can’t have good value for the money.

Compared to dual monitor arms, a single monitor arm is cheaper. So, we know how expensive this office equipment can get, and thus, we didn’t include something that costs more than 200 dollars.

Ease of assembly and desk mounting

Desk mounting arms are easy to assemble since they don’t need holes on your wall. Remember that monitor arms need to fit the desk to stay secure firmly – most models can attach using a desk clamp or grommet.

A good monitor mount can accommodate different thicknesses of desks. Furthermore, a cable management solution helps keep your table neat – most monitor arms have cable clips that work great in tidying things up.

Meanwhile, it would be great if the arm’s portion that makes contact with the monitor is VESA-compatible. That way, the screw holes on the monitor and the mounting plate will match up, and the attachment would be easier. We ensured that most of our recommendations have VESA support.

Lastly, monitor arms shouldn’t take much time and tools to assemble. It makes a difference when the manufacturers include an easy-to-follow instruction manual or even some videos.


These monitor arms will do a lot to ease your work-related stress. Our buying guide and reviews for monitor arms will help you maximize your productivity and better your posture by using one thing.

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