Are Refurbished Monitors Worth It? A Detailed Guide

If you’re looking to buy a monitor, but it’s a little expensive, refurbished monitors might look tempting. What are refurbished monitors? Is buying refurbished electronics and refurbished items even a good idea?

There are pros and cons, and the common perception of refurbished monitors, so here are things to keep in mind.

Are refurbished monitors worth it?

First of all, if you can afford a brand new monitor, do it. It’s so much easier to just buy a fresh product full price because of the peace of mind – compared to buying refurbished. However, if you can’t afford a new computer monitor and you’re keen on saving money, a refurbished monitor would start to draw you in.

What are refurbished monitors?

Refurbished monitors are monitors that have been returned. The buyer may have been unsatisfied with their monitor since they might have noticed a couple of minor problems. Said monitors go back to the manufacturer, who then performs some quality assurance tests to make sure they’re still fine. Refurbished products are then sold at a lower price – at a deep discount.

Buying guides: Keep these in mind before buying refurbished monitors

is buying refurbished monitor worth it

The refurbished monitor should be in good condition. Someone bought the monitor brand new and kept it in their possession for a certain amount of time. If it looks faulty at first glance, it won’t be worth buying.

Monitor’s age

Ensure that the monitor is less than three years old, for this is the age where the capacitors in the device start to go bad.. Also, if the monitor is old, you’ll have trouble looking for replacement parts and repair services in the future. As much as possible, get the latest model.

Brand reliability and quality assurance

The monitor should also come from a reputable brand such as Acer, HP, Dell, or Samsung. You should again do some research and check monitor reviews from users, especially when online shopping. It helps to ensure that the quality is checked thoroughly by the monitor manufacturer before reselling so that there are no defects. The manufacturer tests the buttons, audio, smaller electric components, and the display itself, among other things, to verify the monitor’s quality.

Certified refurbished

If you’re buying from a known brand, check to see if the monitor is certified refurbished or has a certificate of authenticity. If it doesn’t have any of those certifications, it’s best to look for other refurbished monitors. You can always have a better deal.


The price will be the most significant factor in buying a refurbished monitor since that’s the reason you’re buying one in the first place. You should be able to purchase a refurbished monitor for about half its original price. Be aware of sellers who put a huge price tag on refurbished monitors. To get rid of this problem, you should look for other options and see which one’s the cheapest.


There should always be a valid warranty and return policy for your refurbished monitor to guarantee its quality. That way, you can return it if there’s something wrong with the product. This goes too for stuff like refurbished PCs, refurbished computers, and other electronics! As soon as you buy new products, you should check the warranty.

Cons of getting a refurbished monitor

Be aware that you can’t know exactly how much use there is left in a refurbished monitor. You also don’t know how the previous owner treated the monitor in the past. Those are a couple of risks you will take when you buy a refurbished monitor.

Bottom Line

Are refurbished monitors a good buy? Sure, if you’re willing to risk it and if you do your research. You can take a chance on a refurbished item if you consider the previously mentioned things.

You will save money and still get a pretty good monitor that may even be as good as new when you buy refurbished. New items can be expensive, and sometimes you just want a cheap (but decent) curved monitor for your gaming rig ASAP. We hope to have cleared up the common misconceptions about buying refurbished items and helped you be more mindful of your purchases with our buying guide.

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